Friday, March 21, 2008

Williams Arena Seating Chart

The Williams Arena seating chart can be tricky. I personally think the seating chart makes the arena look larger than it actually is. Sitting in the 200 sections can make you feel far away from the action, but there are still plenty of good seats to choose from. When you look at a layout of Williams Arena, you may be wondering which one of these sections is the right section to sit in and then what row do you want to sit in. Some people prefer to be on the corner. But if you prefer to be in the best seats in the house, the center court sections are are 106 or 116, but sections 105-107 or 115 -117 also offer superb court views. I personally prefer to sit in section 105, rows 15-20. Best seats in the house!

One of the things you can't tell about Williams Arena from the seating chart is that it has a unique raised floor. The Williams Arena court is raised above the ground about 2 feet so that the players’ benches, officials’ tables, etc. are actually below the court. The fans in the first row, looking at the players, are at about knee-level so take that into consideration when visiting Williams Arena. Also, sections 109-113 are predominately students so take that into consideration when selecting tickets on line.

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